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Finger Twist Drill Vise Body with (20) Diamond Tone Drill Bits

Finger Twist Hand Drill plus (20) Diamond Steel Twist Drill Bits

$19.99 per Kit

20 High Speed Twist Diamond Steel Drill Bits
  • The is a new set of 20 high speed steel twist drill bits
  • Great for drilling ferrous metals, tough casting sand forgings, working hardened stainless steel and other hard steels and tough high tensile strength nonferrous metals like titanium
  • These bits are sizes #61 to #80
  • It measures approximately 3 3/4" (95 mm) long
Swivel Pin Vise Great
  • Great for holding wire and stock
  • Can be used as a hand drill with small twist drills
  • Accepts broken saw blades for wax filing
  • It measures approximately 2 3/4" (69 mm) long


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