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Special Rose & Flowers Mold Collection

Special Roses & Leaves ~ Silicone Mold Collection - from Joyful Molds

$32.00 for many beautiful Roses and Leaves


(1) Rose Flower produces a
(1) & 5/16ths inch in diameter x 9/16ths inch thick or 33 mm in diameter x 15 mm deep rose
(1) Rose Mold creates four roses that measure:
(2) 20mm x 10mm or 13/16ths inch x 3/8ths inch roses
(1) 12mm x 8mm rose or 7/16ths inch x 5/16ths inch rose
(1) 8mm x 5mm roses or 5/16ths inch x 3/17ths inch rose
(1) Silicone Leaf Mold produces five leaves that measure:
(1) 27mm x 17mm or 1 & 1/16th in. x 11/16th inch
(1) 26mm x 15 mm or 1 & 1/32nd in. x 9/16th
(1) 20mm x 10mm or13/16th in. x 3/8th inch
(1) 14mm x 8 mm or 9/16th in. x 5/16th inch
(1) 10mm x 6 mm or 3/8th in. x 1/4th inch


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