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"New" Six Rose Leaf's Silicone Mold

"Six Rose Leafs" Silicone Mold

$12.99 ea.


Lovely and Fine Detailed Rose Flower Mold
* Made of Silicone ~ Easy to use and clean

NOTE:  This is One of the Molds used for the 'Frosting on Top' Gourd DVD


Sizes Range from: 

(1) 1 & 1/16th in. x 11/16th inch
(1)  1 & 1/32nd in. x 9/16th
(1)13/16th in. x 3/8th inch
(1)  9/16th in. x 5/16th inch
(1)  3/8th in. x 1/4th inch
(1)  9/16th in. x 1/4th in.



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