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Miriam Joy "Dry" Board - On Sale Now: $24.99

MJ Gourd "Dry" Board

$24.99 ea.

* Gourd Board created and made just for Miriam Joy
* Use the Dry Board for many projects that require drying ~ Works Great!
* No need for propping up or leaning up gourd...Gourd Board is flat and holds art projects safely and securely!
"Even" drying ability after you've sprayed a gourd with finish, varnish or sealer
* No Sticking or marking ~ Allows Faster Drying due to more even air flow!

Please Note:

Gourd Board will vary in Color (color of board may be Red, Blue or Black)

* IN SOME CASES...Some adhesive Over-Spray may be visible on tray...part of creation process

Size of board is approx. - 10.5" x 13"


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