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Midnight Star DVD Class by Miriam Joy



Its been said that Black & White colors is what the human eyes and mind processes first and the fastest, and to see this B&W design created by Miriam Joy in person you would understand how visually rewarding it is to the eye!  At art festivals this is one of the favorites of the people who visit Miriam Joy's gourd art.  Now you can create this stunning design 'Midnight Star' and share it with your family and friends.
MJ Tip:  Miriam Joy used her wax templates (Circular type) to help keep the pattern of this design neat and easy to work with!
Please Note:
This would be a Full class Miriam Joy has taught to students at Art & Gourd festivals throughout the USA ~ Enjoy  Should you have any questions regarding this DVD class please contact Miriam Joy at: art@miriamjoy.com


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