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American Indian Cut and Use Stencils ~ By Ed Sibbett, Jr.

 58 Full-size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper

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The subtle beauty and inherent symbolism of native American designs have made them among the most powerful and original art forms of the Western Hemisphere.

Now, these exquisite indigenous motifs have been skillfully adapted into stencil form by noted artist, designer, and craftsman Ed Sibbett, and can be used to decorate walls, floors, furniture, fabrics, tin, leather, almost any surface.

Clear, easy-to-follow instructions show you everything you need to know about using the stencils, from cutting and mounting the plates, to tips and advice on techniques, materials, and maintenance.

The method is easily mastered and the projects are all quickly completed.

Strong manila paper (printed on one side only) and wide margins make these 58 authentic designs, especially sturdy and durable stencil plates that can be used again and again.



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