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Grateful to God and all my Gourd & Art Friends

So often I find myself getting way to busy with the things that matter, but really aren't nearly as important as saying 'Thank you to God and to those who have helped me the past four years built Miriamjoy.com.  Bud and I travel nearly 30,000 miles a year, well for the past three years anyway meeting and giving witness to the fact God has changed our lives 'forever'  Almost four years ago I had a dream one night about applying colored wax to gourds, in a sense (broad sense) it was sort of like the dream God gave Joseph in the bible, although I'm no saint or prophet.  Never the less I listened to our Father Lord and as crazy as it seems, working with melted Crayola Crayons, I followed the dream he placed onto my soul/head/body???

Most of you know the rest of the story, Bud and I have been Extremely blessed to have traveled to over 46 states, driven thousands of miles (and only had one flat tire) and met so, so many GREAT people.

This is the first of many Blog stories (Blog sounds sort of depressing, 'Creature from the Black Blog?)  I will do my best to write weekly, if not daily so I can give praise to my Lord, and thankfulness to my friends...you who have supported Bud and I, given us love, food, lodging and such help / advice.

May our Father in Heaven bless you all, 

Miriam Joy

Written by Miriam Joy — January 10, 2013



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